Microsoft buys Github… Should I Run Away or Stay?


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Big news for software industry came in the middle of the year, Microsoft buying GitHub. There is an uproar and love and hate words throwing around for this deal.People trusting Microsoft are happy while many open source community are afraid of what happens next? People knew me personally knows that I am die hard fan of Open source and I won’t support much of proprietaries. In this post, I would like to give my opinion about this deal. I will try to make sure it is as unbiased as possible.

GitHub has been great platform for open source community to share and collaborate over source code.With unlimited public libraries , people really started to push everything they code on GitHub and are happy to work over code rather than thinking about source control and all those stuff.While Microsoft came down to great path of open source, it’s attitude towards open source was quite opposite.Currently under the shadow of Nadella, Microsoft is putting hefty sums to open source and pushing forward itself to become tech giant which supports Open Source.Then why many people are furious about this merger? Apparently people are worried still today about Microsoft’s attitude towards Open Source. The trust built up by other techno giant like Google and Facebook from open source communities is what Microsoft really lacks. Even though Microsoft has started its own contribution to open source by using GitHub for its software developments, the only open source  Dev tool version available is community. I would agree to the fact that the professional and Enterprise versions are, far better than community, but there is no way they are going to launch those versions for open source. This attitude of Microsoft makes people think that it is corporate running behind money and so won’t encourage open source.

The blog posts from GitHub and Nandella says that  GitHub will always be independent and stock to it’s developer first ethos, people are still worried about GitHub’s monetization.The mess made by Microsoft while handling  Nokia and Hotmail is still afresh.The one of the most recent purchase of their purchase, Skype is also failing. Microsoft has to keep providing updates of Skype for Linux and every time they are making it worst.Open Source loves Linux and forcing them to move from 32 bit to 64bit for the sake of using Skype doesn’t make any sense.Even though their purchase for LinkedIn paid them well and help them to get out of the loathing zone, its difficult to say just now how they drive GitHub’s policies.The other fear that came to mind is, about authority of unlicensed repositories to their respective owner.How Microsoft handles it would have to be seen.

Since No one wants to depend on their rivals,with the merger of Github to Microsoft,it would be great fun to watch how tech giants like Google and Facebook react. it won’t be come as surprise if Google and Facebook pulls their repositories out of Github and starts their own github. Since MOOC are one of the biggest resources for pushing people to contribute in open source and even their own material is over github, how it will affect people’s online education would be surely be a show.

For now, If you ask me what to do, I would suggest, just wait and watch how Microsoft defines new policies.Since merger is going to take some time, try adding some licensing to your repositories.OpenSource org and Chooselicense are great sources for choosing your license.We all are developer here and all knew importance about Decentralization of systems.I would suggest, keep your repositories decentralised using other Source control platforms like gitlab and bitbucket, or at your server.

Till then, Happy Coding.

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  1. Sagar Chandratre - June 5, 2018 Reply

    Great synopsis of the Merger and it really felt it was unbiased.

  2. Pritam - June 5, 2018 Reply

    Nice article

  3. Kunjan Jain - June 5, 2018 Reply

    Nice one… Really informative…

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